Multi-Architecture Resources Discovering

Magallanes is a versatile and platform-independent Java library of algorithms to built-up search engines to help in the discovery of services and datatypes specially oriented to deal with repositories of web-services and associated datatypes. A service or data-type discovery process aims to identify the set of services or data-types that satisfy a given number of constraints from the pool of all the available (e.g. what services are available to process my sequence?). Typically, clients that exploit these repositories supply some mechanism to help in the discovery process, most of them with syntactic orientation such as search for web services by name and also by function or input or output parameters. Text search functionality over the service’s name is also frequent in clients. However, for the final user this type of syntactic discovering process is not efficient since it assume a user-knowledge on the names of objects or services. Magallanes offers the necessary architecture for flexible and expandable identification of Web-services in such a way they can increase the client capabilities and enforce the integration process.

The modular API allows connecting Magallanes with external clients in such a way that results can be used to discover and invoke web-services, recover a data-type description, etc. It is also possible directly built-up a desktop application using the GUI functionality. One of the main advantages is the easy way to adapt the client to dealt with repository definition modifications (only parsers need to be adjusted), and its ability to work over new repositories (standardised by the modular API). At present Magallanes is able to access MOWServ, MOBY-Canada, and ACGT repositories.


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