Easily integrating bioinformatics web services

jORCA is a desktop client able to efficiently integrate different type of web-services repositories mapping metadata over a general definition to support scalable service discovery and to achieve flexible inter-communication between tools.
jORCA manages repositories heterogeneity supported by the Modular-API that provides a uniform view of metadata (e.g. GRID-based, WSDL–services, BioMoby and others), making the integration of bioinformatics Web-Services easier.


This software is intended to facilitate the use of Web-Services offering a friendly tool able to execute and integrate web-services that use different protocols.


This work has been performed and financed in the context of INB developments (National Institute for Bioinformatics, a platform of Genoma-España), and it is also being used in the framework of the Advancing Clinic-Genomic Trials’ EU-project (ACGT; Contract Code 026996).
Several partners helped us to improve the software. We thank very much all those partners, specially all the people acting as tool tester and all the bitlab ( team.

Note: the application requires java 6 or later .

jORCA has been tested under UNIX (Fedora 11, open SUSE 11 and Ubuntu 8.1), MS-Windows and Mac OS 10.5 operating systems. Java VM version 1.6 o later is required.

Creative Commons License
This software is under a Creative Commons license..


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jORCA getting started (April 2012)
jORCA Quick Start (Download and install)
jORCA Getting Started/Supplementary Material (November 09)
jORCA Online Full Help (January 09)
jORCA PDF Full Help (January 09)
jORCA Flyer
jORCA MAC instructions
jORCA manuscript in Bioinformatics. (Published on February 2010)
jORCA: easily integrating bioinformatics Web Services.
jORCA new Features (May 2010): Create and execute pipelines with jORCA! (Supp Material ISOLA 2010)
User manual for the Globus Online plugin of jORCA (Oct 2013)

jORCA program (April 2014) - includes support for SFTP transfers
Files for the guided exercises (November 2009)
Files for the Dotplot guided exercise
Guided exercise (dotplot)

Creating an Aminoacid Sequence object
Launching services
Launching GRID services with authentication